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Events & Exhibitions

When we trust our youth with the full reality of the environmental and climate challenges we all face—they have much to say and teach us.

They create works that inspire & activate.

They understand their power & responsibility.

This is the goal of Art/Act: Youth. 

ART/ACT: Youth – Water is Everywhere, 2023

ART/ACT: Youth – Plastic Rebellion, 2022

ART/ACT: Youth – Wild Places, 2020

ART/ACT: Youth – 2019

ART/ACT: Youth – 2018

ART/ACT: Youth – 2017


2022 NBC Nebraska
University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hosting a teacher fellowship with North Platte educators.

2019  I-D.Vice
Addressing Climate Change Through Art

2018 Berkeley Times
Pulling Back the Covers During Strange Times

2018 Daily Cal
Berkeley High School Students Sculpt Better Future Through ‘Art/Act: Youth’

2017 Mercury News
Students at the Crossroads of Art and Environmentalism

2017 Daily Cal
Environmental Themed Art at the David Brower Center

2017 East Bay Times
Crossroads of Environmentalism and Art