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Intersection of Art, Ecology & Education

A community resource hub offering tools for innovative teaching and building community across distance. Since 2017, the ART/ACT:educate program has empowered educators and students to work across disciplines, learning creatively and collaboratively to inspire the next visionary solutions to address our changing future.

Program Objectives

This program seeks to create a bridge between high school students and teachers across the U.S., connecting them through the arts while exploring environmental themes—positioning youth as the visionary leaders we need now.

2022-2023 ART/ACT: educate Fellows

Image of white man and woman hugging with beach in the background
Bailey Mason
North Platte High School
Image of male teacher standing over male students in a classroom.
Philep Wiley
North Platte High School
Image of white woman holding a black puppy
Sam Kober
Skyline High School
image of white woman, man and their baby with 2 dogs sitting in a field
Kathleen Craig
North Platte High School
white man with brown hair and short beard with dark rimmed glasses against gray background
Conor Carroll
Skyline High School
image of white woman with blond hair wearing dark rimmed glasses
Isabella Flamel
North Platte High School
light skinned, black man where black collared shirt against light gray and dark gray background
Kisasi Brooks
Skyline High School
White woman with dark glasses and light brown hair wearing a black tank top against a white background
Rachel Kantor
Skyline High School

Check out pictures from our Spring 2022 exchange in North Platte, Nebraska.
We were even featured on the news!

Teacher Resources

Our Teacher Resource Library contains environmental artists, classroom units and articles to help you incorporate ecology and art into your classroom.