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ARTWORK: Polina Vorobyeva, An Open Window

ART/ACT: Youth – 2018

June 7 – September 14, 2018

The David Brower Center is pleased to present Art/Act: youth, our annual exhibition showcasing work by over 80 current Berkeley High School students examining the intersection of environmentalism and art.

In the future, practices and decisions concerning the environment will be made by the youth of today. The chosen body of work for Art/Act: Youth gives insight into what young dynamic minds perceive about the current and future state of our planet. This exhibition underscores the Brower Center’s vision to nurture young environmental artists by fostering a community that supports and inspires their work, with the ultimate goal of empowering the next generation of change makers.

Participating Artists

Aaron Rumph, Adella Kaufer, Alex Spevak, Alex Lafetra Thomsen, Amelia Smyth, Anaya McFadden, Anna Reed, Anya Chytrowski, Ava Sproul, Clara Hollowgrass, Collin Bllek, Dakota Rabinowitz-Berg, Daniel Esler, Eleonore Kilcher, Elijah Davis, Ella Ashley, Ella Du, Ella Newton, Elle McDougald, Emilia Feria, Emily Levenson, Emma Goellner, Emma Surasky-Dierauf, Emmett Gardella, Fintan O’Sullivan, Fiona McDonald, Gabby Clewans, Gabriela Cirne Lima, Georgina Ward, Grace O’Keefe, Helena Busansky, Idun Eiksund, Islaam Rashada, Jaya Nagarajan-Swenson, Jaydyn Lee, Jayne Frank, Jennifer Buckey, Joann Yu, Katherine Mermin, Katie Hall, Kiki Valenzuela, Madison Zarate, Magda Gourinchas, Maia Hadler, Marlena Raines, Max Burk, Maya Monroe, Maya Otey, Maya San Diego, Maya Luna Rosa Rubin, Mayorie Ovalla Rojas, Mercedes Tamayo, Mezli Garcia, Mia Beeman-Weber, Mia Turner, Minh Khai Spencer, Nakiya Stewart, Nate Steckel, Nicolette Van Der Poel, Nikolas Diamant, Olivia Fowler, Patina Sing-Eisen, Polina Vorobyeva, Raina Pinkosh, Risa Sundu, Ryan Walton, Ryoma Hoffman Hattori, Sage Hirsch, Shea Stevens, Siena Laws, Simone Ewell-Szabo, Solomon Barish, Sophia Whyte, Sophia Kiang, Sydney Salá-Taylor, Tess Turner, Theo Cross, Tracy Weitz, Veronica Lerman, Victoria Campos, Zoe Carr, Zvataida Matambanadzo

Curator and BHS Instructor: Kimberley D’Adamo Green. Collaborators: Hagit Cohen, visiting artist; Bruce Herbold, visiting scientist.

Art/Act: Youth is made possible through the generosity of the Berkeley Civic Arts Program & Civic Arts CommissionDharma Merchant ServicesThe National Endowment for the ArtsNeda Nobari FoundationNew Resource BankPanta Rhea Fund, and The Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Foundation.

2 people looking at gallery wall with paintings hung
People interacting with gallery wall artwork
People looking at gallery wall with paintings hung, additional people in the background
People looking at gallery wall with paintings hung, additional people in the background

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