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ART/ACT: Youth – Water is Everywhere, 2023

March 10 – June 10, 2023

We learned as artists and designers that we are only scratching the surface of understanding this complex topic, especially since at first sight understanding water seems so simple. Water touches every part of our lives- from the food we eat, to our survival, birth & death, to our environment and its healthy ecosystems. Lack of clean water is born out of systemic racism in our society, and the most vulnerable- our children- are impacted the most. Everyone of us plays an important role in protecting and maintaining water for the future. Once we look deeper,  we can see that we each play an integral role in understanding how important water is to our survival, and creating better systems to save this precious resource.

Gabriel Berent

Introducing artworks from North Palatte High, Nebraska as a part of our Art/Act: Educate program, which empowers educators and students to work across disciplines to inspire the next visionary solutions to address our changing future.

Made Possible By:

Made possible via the generosity of Alameda County Art Commission, City of Berkeley, Rich Robbins, and Wareham Development.

And the teaching leadership of

And the Teaching Leadership of:

Bailey Mason, Rachel Kantor, Philep Willey, Conor Carroll, Kisasi Brooks, Samantha Kober, Keith Lloyd, Deryk Hudson, and Gabriel Berent

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