Conor Carroll | ART/ACT:educate


white man with brown hair and short beard with dark rimmed glasses against gray background

Conor Carroll

Teacher, Skyline High School

Oakland, California

Chemistry, Physics; Grades: 10, 11, 12

I teach chemistry and physics at Skyline High School in Oakland in our Visual and Performing Arts career pathway. This means that I get to integrate my science curriculum from an arts perspective. This also means that we get to see how science isn’t siloed away from the Arts, and is instead integral to their functioning.

Whether it’s learning about the physical and chemical properties of water, how bodies move through space, the intersection of architecture and engineering, or even just representing student understanding through artistic expression, I am truly so impressed with my student’s ability to synthesize information. They are not afraid to take their understanding of the world and take action! And I am very excited to see how they will choose to represent their understanding of the many ways water impacts our day-to-day lives.