Kimberley D'Adamo | ART/ACT:educate


Brown haired woman wearing black shirt against a striped gray background

Kimberley D’Adamo

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kimberley D’Adamo is an artist and a lecturer at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She believes in student-centered classrooms and integrating creative thinking across all disciplines. Her artistic practice explores social change as a creative collaboration- bringing multi-disciplinary teams together to re-envision how we educate and engage learners. Artifacts of these collaborations include installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, interactive art and transdisciplinary exhibitions of learning. Ultimately, her goal as an artist is to help students, teachers and communities collaborate in transforming what learning looks like in America. Student work from her teaching can be found on her teaching website Areas of Expertise: Transdisciplinary art Innovative schooling Art-centered learning.