Tarrise King

Tarisse King was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and is the daughter of the highly regarded Aboriginal artist, William King Jungala. King’s work is devoted to communicating the inseparable connection she and herancestors have with the Australian land. King grew up in Darwin in the Northern Territory, where connections to Aboriginality and the land were nurtured. Experiences of extreme weather and primal landscape has provided some of the artistic themes for her work, along with road trips made between Darwin, Katherine and Adelaide, where her father resided. Her paintings provide a personal visual articulation of the earth’s language, where she seeks to visually communicate the inspiration and ties to the land, and keep their ancestral narrative alive by finding new ways to bring the knowledge of the past into the present world. Stylistically, Tarrise King uses traditional Aboriginal art techniques and iconography, but also incorporates unorthodox techniques inherited from her father, as well as techniques developed through their own practice. Her paintings are based on the philosophies and culture taught by their father, representing an homage to the important first generation of Aboriginal artists.