Laurel Roth Hope

Hope’s work brings to mind the trenchant thoughts of novelist Jonathan Franzen: “What bird populations do usefully is indicate the health of our ethical values. One reason that birds matter – ought to matter – is that they are our last, best connection to a natural world that is otherwise receding.” Her creations confront many of the same issues, and at the end of the day, she considers herself not so much an “animal artist” as a humanist. “It’s interesting that my work puts me into a subset of ‘artists that do animal work,’ ” says Hope. “Rather, I believe we live in a world with all kinds of things that affect each other. But we humans are so inward-focused that we barely see anything beyond ourselves. Sometimes it’s a stretch to consider people who don’t look or act like us, let alone the rest of the planet. But it’s there for us to learn about, if we only take the time, and it’s amazing.”- Deborah Bishop, American Craft Magazine