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Example Course Outline

Art, Ecology & Project-Based Learning

This course is part one of a three part series designed to help teachers design cross-disciplinary learning experiences to nurture student creativity, agency and critical thinking around ecology and cross-disciplinary topics.

Teachers will understand how to:

  • Build trust, understanding and agreements for how schools can work together as a team across distance.
  • Concept map theme of water and scaffold students’ research on water in the Pacific Coast and MidWestern regions
  • Understand pedagogy frameworks, classroom management and curriculum design for project based learning
  • Collaboratively formalize curriculum tools to best support teachers and students
  • Incorporate ecology-based art into their content area to engage students in creative thinking
  • Nurture students as leaders in their local community
  • Begin building curriculum for 2022-2023 school year, to support students in Art/Act Youth Exhibition 2023

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