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The ART/ACT: educate Teacher Fellowship supports High School teachers who want to design learning experiences for students around climate conversations, change making and art. Begun in 2018 through a partnership between the David Brower Center and Berkeley High School. The program first focused on youth artists, displaying their work during the annual ART/ACT: youth exhibition.

The work has since grown to include multiple San Francisco Bay Area schools and beginning in 2022, in partnership with University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in a cross-country, teacher exchange program between Skyline High School in Oakland, California and North Platte High School in North Platte, Nebraska. Four teachers from each school will collaborate to create curriculum and project-based learning opportunities around a common theme. Each year, student’s work will be displayed in a formal exhibition at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California.

white men and women as well as one black man sitting around a dinner table at a restaurant

2022-2023 Theme: Water

This year’s program is an exchange between Skyline High School in Oakland, California and North Platte High School in North Platte, Nebraska.

Hear the current teacher fellows talking about the program, its objectives and their recent exchange/visit in North Platte.

2022-2023 ART/ACT: educate Teacher Fellows

Image of white man and woman hugging with beach in the background
Bailey Mason
North Platte High School
Image of male teacher standing over male students in a classroom.
Philep Wiley
North Platte High School
Image of white woman holding a black puppy
Sam Kober
Skyline High School
image of white woman, man and their baby with 2 dogs sitting in a field
Kathleen Craig
North Platte High School
white man with brown hair and short beard with dark rimmed glasses against gray background
Conor Carroll
Skyline High School
image of white woman with blond hair wearing dark rimmed glasses
Isabella Flamel
North Platte High School
light skinned, black man where black collared shirt against light gray and dark gray background
Kisasi Brooks
Skyline High School
White woman with dark glasses and light brown hair wearing a black tank top against a white background
Rachel Kantor
Skyline High School

Check out pictures from our Spring 2022 exchange in North Platte, Nebraska.
We were even featured on the news!

Program Objectives

This program seeks to create a bridge between high school students and teachers in two distant parts of the United States, connecting them through the arts while exploring environmental issues.

Our goals are:

  • To give teachers the tools to do amazing things that you are passionate about, and give support to your big ideas.
  • To provide resources and support teachers need to amplify student voices and provide agency for students to become leaders in conversations around art, the environment and the future.
  • To support teachers in creating change in classrooms through innovative teaching and curriculum design around ecology and art.
  • Nurture students as leaders and culture-creators in the local and national community.
  • To foster classroom conversations about environmental concerns, across disparate regions of the United States.

There will also be numerous opportunities to include visiting artists, scientists and other experts in your class content, as well as ongoing exchange between students in different parts of the US. Teachers will build curriculum according to their own interests and their students needs.

This is an incredible opportunity to grow as an educator, be nurtured as a leader, and get support and resources.

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2022 NBC Nebraska
University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hosting a teacher fellowship with North Platte educators.

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